View Full Version : Some of my old rides.

06-12-2012, 12:29 AM
I know they aren't jeeps, but it's a look at how my wheeling has progressed. First was my old 3/4 ton dodge, I lifted it and put 35's on it.
After that I moved to a '85 sami it had Toyota axles weld rear and 33" ltbs, I wish I kept the old warn that was on it. Now I made my climb to the top dogs with my tj, as my family is growing the tj will turn into a JKU. The last pic is of my daily driver, I live on the bc coast so I'm used to hauling down up to 35% grades and switch backs the are almost to tight. I don't sweat that stuff to much in the truck, except when coming down a steep grade and going around a slimy switch back and the trailer started to slide off the road, felt my truck going with it, I knew my trailer was off the edge, if I was to panic I would have rolled down the hill for sure, only thing that saved my bacon was being in a higher gear, the big cat under the hood and a heavy right foot. But I still find spots in the jeep that make my heart pound and my knees knock, I love every second!