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12-14-2013, 05:38 PM
In regards to the Dynatrac Pro Rock 60 and number #7, how is a person supposed to know what the recommended amount of additional of oil should be added after plugging the hole? Based on Dynatrac's statement below, "A typical 60 rear will take approx 3-4 quarts of oil" - I suppose somewhere between 3-4 total quarts of oil should do the trick. Would be nice to have a more exact measurement. Is it the pinion angle which causes the variance in how much oil we add? Seems all Pro rock 60's are built the same and should take the same amount of oil - just not sure why they cannot provide a more exact measurement. I plan on changing my diff oil today and just want to make sure I'm in the ballpark. Appears I will need to top off per #9 as I'm running ARB lockers which makes me wonder how much is required to "top off."

Any input appreciated - primarily interested in knowing how much oil is added after plugging the hole and how much is added when "topping off." thanks!


Dual Sump High Volume Oil Modification: Proper Oil Fill Procedure:

***Not following this oil fill procedure will damage your new rear axle.***

1. Install axle in vehicle.
2. Determine pinion angle (not to exceed 18 degree’s)
3. Remove both fill plugs, one on the cover and the other on the upper chamber, located near the pinion shaft.
4. Use quality SAE 85/90 GL5 minimum gear oil (Best for very cold climate). SAE 85-140 is best for warm climate.
5. Fill the lower chamber (fill hole on the cover) first. Fill to the point where the oil reaches just below the threads. Do not put the plug in.
6. Fill the upper chamber with oil until the oil begins to come out the fill plug in the cover or you cannot put any more oil in.
7. Replace lower plug and continue filling at upper plug until recommended amount of oil installed, replace upper plug.
8. It is the installer’s responsibility to be sure both the upper and lower chambers are full of oil.
• A typical 60 front will take approx 2.5-3 quarts of oil
• A typical 60 rear will take approx 3-4 quarts of oil
9. After vehicle has been driven for the first time with the new axles installed,
top off the oil in the high fill hole. When using an ARB differential this is extremely important since the oil takes longer to penetrate into the unit.
10. Do NOT fill the axle 100% full! The oil will expand when it gets hot and blow out through the seals!
11. When the axle is new and “breaking-in” it sometimes runs hotter than normal, up to 125C (260F). This may cause some oil to be pushed out through the vent hose at the top of the axle. This should subside as the axle cools and runs at normal temps. Do not be alarmed, but it does make a mess. You may want to put a catch-can at the end of the vent hose and mount it under the vehicle. MAKE SURE the catch-can does not fill with water from crossing rivers!

**** Important ***
If you have any questions or are unsure of the correct oil fill procedure,
give us a call before driving your vehicle.