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11-03-2011, 02:15 AM
We're a 2 Jeep Family. Wife's is a 2011 2dr Call of Duty Rubicon, mine is a 2012 Unlimited Rubicon in Bright White.

Been studying for about a year and I have a build started that will probably take until mid January to finish (one part at at time.. haha). The stack of parts in the garage is getting out of hand.

Here's where I'm at so far ... LoD sliders and ATX Slab beadlocks are in the garage; gussetts, sleeves, 4.88 gears, AEV Procal, F/R driveshafts are all enroute. Ordering the 4" Teraflex and axles Friday. Very torn between the 37" Nittos or Toyos. I think the Toyos would probably last longer but not by a lot, and I suspect the Nittos are very slightly better off road due to D rating (softer) and deeper lugs. Local dealer can get me the Toyos cheaper than the Nittos (weird) but I know another dealer where the opposite is likely true. Both are great. :thinking:

Meanwhile I've been doing everything I can to get it ready - put my bumpers on, chopped the fenders, painted/bedlined wheel wells and pinch seams.


LOVE your videos. In all seriousness they've kept me sane while going thru a rough time where I sold off my toys (motorcycle, competition diesel truck). Got life put back together and decided to dive into Jeeping. Jeeping is a weird amalgamation of all my other hobbies throughout life all of which involved challenging outdoors adventure.

11-03-2011, 02:19 AM
Welcome to Wayalife.com Big Mak.