View Full Version : Gopher Dunes MUD FEST! [Sun, Sept. 21]

09-04-2014, 04:17 PM
Hey guys so a few local jeepers want to head up to Gopher Dunes for Mud Fest on the 21st of september. We will be all linking up prior to the drive up (its a little past LONDON, Ontario) If anyone is interested in linking up just say so!! Mud really isn't my thing bud i think it would be pretty sweet just to have a group head up play around and get dirty.


^there is the link to the site for additonal details. Any Michigan Jeepers who want to come up taking the bridge or tunnel to cross into windsor are more than welcome to meet up with us prior to leaving to make sure we have everything in order. It is just a day trip from dusk till dawn kind of thing. I know some were wanting to meet up at the local tim hortons or one of the members houses prior to leaving. since it is on our way.

Lets get some WAL badges out there in this convoy since atm we will only have my rigs with WAY to represent.