View Full Version : 5 Pintler Beadlocks - Colorado Springs Area

11-26-2012, 10:48 PM
Just ordered new ATX Slabs and I am selling the 5 Pintler Beadlocks. They are the silver ones but spray painted black. Pressure washing will remove the black paint. They are 6 months old. One (the spare) has never seen the ground. The other 4 do have some rock scrapes on the beadlock ring. My new ones will be here hopefully Friday. These will be available sometime after Sunday 12/2/2012. AEV sells them for $299.00 and the new ones are going up to $349.00 after the first of the year. I want $1200.00. These will not come with the air sensors or valve stems. No shipping. Pick up only and after I have my new ones. PM me with any questions. There are enough pictures of my Jeep floating around with them on it that you should be able to see them. AEV has the specs on their website. The bolt pattern is 5X5.