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12-18-2015, 09:06 PM
I thought this would be a fun thread to start. I'm sure you guys have some good stories. I searched and found another thread for Jeep related pranks, but not for just any random prank or funny revenge story. You could also post stuff that you have heard of and weren't directly involved in.

To get us started, a friend of mine just told me about a bad business deal that had occurred between his company and another company, and this was back in the days when fax machines were relatively new. So his revenge/prank was that he took a black piece of construction paper and taped it in a loop through his own fax machine. He then dialed the # of the other person he had a disagreement with on random days but always at like 2am. So the other person would wake up to a stack of black wasted paper and no toner left in his fax. And he said he never got caught, he assumes because the black ink hid his printed phone # on the fax.

12-18-2015, 09:26 PM
My favorite at home is aiming the sink sprayer just right, and taping the handle. As soon as someone turns the faucet knob to fill a glass up they get a shower haha.

Best reaction prank I've ever had was by tying a big fake spider to a plastic cup. Putting said cup on top of spider upside down. She grabbed it, saw it, jumped, string pulled giant spider so it followed her hand. Word of warning: That one will most likely get you in the doghouse for a good while, but it is definitely worth it hahah

Or one time, used alligator clips to hook the horn up to the brake light relay.

Big zip tie on driveshafts, or an empty thin tuna can of marbles under the carpet somewhere.

I don't know why my friends are always too busy to hangout anymore....

12-18-2015, 10:20 PM
1). Years ago , we stuck a freshly roadkilled skunk between the hard plastic bed liner and the bulkhead at the front of the bed near the cab.
The better part is that he drove it that way for weeks thinking he had hit a skunk without knowing it.
My partner in crime and I had to confess because it was getting to the point that we couldn't stand to be around his truck.
He was slow to see the humor for a while - having to borrow cars for dates and the constant questions or comments everywhere he went.

2). Back in my bike racing days, I was parked at a coffee shop getting a coffee awaiting my 'friends' for a day ride. As I come out and we are about to leave, I notice I have a very low tire - upon further inspection, I notice I have 2 very low tires, and also 2 very loose valve core stems. Very funny jackasses! So, almost an hour later I find somebody with a small compressor to air me up and I'm on my way. About 2 months later, well after I had figured out who my new target was, I saw his bike, unprotected, at his girlfriends place. She did not have a driveway, so he was forced to park a ways down the street. I park right next to his bike, take my time letting the air out of his tires while enjoying a cigarette. Once they were nice and flat, I stuck the valve cores in my pocket and was on my merry way. I didn't see him for almost a week or so - this was before everybody had cell phones - he was pissed for a minute. Said he had gotten a ticket for parking on the sidewalk at his girlfriends because he thought I would get him again.

Funny how we treat our friends.