View Full Version : Synergy sector shaft brace questions

01-10-2016, 08:36 PM
Hi guys so question about the synergy sector shaft brace. Has anyone installed it with other trac bars other than the synergy one? I know the original rk apparently fit.

I have the synergy but am currently planning to move so everything is packed away in terms of spare parts and o have the opportunity to swap it in cheap though I currently have the jks front trac bar in the one jeep and a rough country in the other as a temp. Rather not have spend more time swapping things around till things settle down.

Can anyone confirm if it would fit the rough country one as the joint gives the most clearance to fit the bolt that secures the brace to the trac bar bracket. I am currently unsure. I'd love some feedback. I will be swapping in the synergy but that won't be till summer. This swap would be done quick just to get the rig back on the road. I'm currently in the works on new axles so I've been setting new parts to install on those so if I can get this on quick and painlessly
I'd like to finalize the deal

01-11-2016, 04:43 AM
I do not know compatibility. I would talk with a vendor of theirs, off road shops, to find out.

The shop I got my sector shaft brace and track from knew (from their prior experiences) that with my suspension set up I also needed the track bar.

One thing I would say is the sector shaft brace is not necessarily a quick install. Sometimes things just don't want to line up and it can take a bit to get stuff right.