View Full Version : Rough Country 2.5 lift install review

01-11-2016, 02:04 PM
Let me start by saying I know that are "Better" lifts, but for my purpose this one fits the requirement. I installed a 2.5" Rough Country with 2.2 shocks yesterday. I'm happy with the ride, it's a little rougher but it's a jeep not a Cadillac. The install only took about 4 hours, for the price it is not a bad deal. The only issue I had was with the rear track bar relocation bracket. I will have to shave a very small edge to keep it from hitting the rear left shock mount ear, and pushing everything to the right. The spacer provided does not fit very tight in the track bar mount, so I am going to find one that is a little tighter. Finally there is a small gap between the top of the track bar mount and the bracket, this can be fixed using a thick washer between the two.

Over all I am happy with the lift. It has a better stance, less body roll, and installation was a breeze (I am a mechanic by trade so take that into consideration if you have never done this before.) If you are installing with one person cargo strap on a coil will shrink it just enough to fit, if you don't have the coil tools.181810

01-11-2016, 02:13 PM
I agree. I have the rough country 2.5 suspension lift on my JKU as well. I am running Rancho shocks and I could not ask for a better set up given the price.181811