View Full Version : Gymkhana nine

09-13-2016, 02:54 PM
Ken blocks gymkhana nine dropped today and it's pretty good IMO. Check it out!

09-13-2016, 02:59 PM
just 'pretty good" ??? :thinking:

09-13-2016, 03:05 PM
just 'pretty good" ??? :thinking:

It's no hoonicorn but still cool

09-13-2016, 03:47 PM
Love watching those rally drivers do their thing. The rally's they run in the snow are unbelievable!

09-13-2016, 04:12 PM
Always impressed by his driving.
Also like seeing the out takes too, to see how hard it really is....
(not implying it is easy at all lol!)

09-13-2016, 04:51 PM
Got bored at work and gave this a watch. Always amazed with how his car can slide so well then hook up and take off!

09-13-2016, 04:56 PM
It's no hoonicorn but still cool

I'm with you on this one, that Mustang is just so badass.

09-13-2016, 11:32 PM
Other than the Hoonicorn, I feel like it's gotten to be the same thing, just a different setting. Losing a little steam to me. Now throw in another driver and do it tandem...THAT would be some shit to watch.

09-14-2016, 02:56 AM
This was a badass video. As always.

09-15-2016, 10:03 PM
I thought you meant Gymkata and Master Ken.

Great video!

09-15-2016, 10:07 PM
Love this but the Hoonicorn is still my favorite. I really think he should change up the cars each time. The dude can drive though!

09-15-2016, 11:46 PM
Pretty sick shot when I started to slow it down!!

09-16-2016, 12:02 AM
Pretty awesome video. I'm always amazed at the equipment. You would think that much horsepower crammed into that small of a vehicle would start to overheat on a run like this. Great tire tech also! I would think the tires would grenade on something like this.

Tree Frog
09-16-2016, 03:11 AM
Someplace on the internet there was a article about Gymk#5 and how they went through 40 sets of tires.

Ripping through the streets of San Fransisco, Ken Block burned through 40 sets of tires over a period of four days to produce what is probably the best 9 minutes of automotive cinematography ever seen.

Yeah hanging it off the edge of that pier was pretty wild. Love the tires spinning forward while the car is sliding backwards.