View Full Version : Wiring help

05-08-2018, 11:24 AM
Hey guys i bought this jeep and some of the wiring had burned threw the plastic casing so i was wanting to pull it all out and fix what needs to be fixed. I have a 96 xj, 4.0L, with a AX-15 transmission.

Does anyone have a wiring diagram or picture of their fuze block thats inside the cab? Also the one under the hood, Mine is a complete rats nest and Iím trying to figure out which fuses go into the missing slots and what those fuzes go to. Or a complete wiring guide/diagram for the whole jeep would be greatly appreciated.


05-08-2018, 11:31 AM
Also my running lights for the rear lights only come on when my high beams are on, any thoughts on this?


07-07-2018, 04:41 AM
I have know idea honestly I burnt my harness when i put a transmission in and found that the hayes manual had the diagram in it but i went to a local shop and they had a harness with under 120k miles so I got the harness out of that