View Full Version : JT Gladiator E-Brake and one tons

07-10-2019, 03:34 PM
So, this discussion started on the Exodus sub-forum, but I thought it will get much more traction and discussion on here.

Bubba posted this in regards to the JT.

Iím not a fan of how the e-brake connects to the Superduty axles, or even the PR60ís for that matter.

Anyone have any information about the e-brake on the JT? is it different than the JL? I've recently been thinking about a couple of years down the road getting a 60/60 or 60/80 combo for my JKU that I could eventually swap into a JL or more likely a JT. I know the bracketry would different. but, i figured 70-72 inch wide axles could be easily adapted.