View Full Version : F/S 2008 Nitroused Suzuki M109rLE

04-03-2012, 06:44 AM
I need to sell this so I have more liquid cash to buy my new Jeep in August.. It has 200 crank hp in a Cruiser 176 at the rear tire. 120 off the bottle. Pro Nitroused V twin I am looking for 8000.00 no trades. I want my Jeep. Race Pipe, 50 hp pro dry shot. Dyno tuned. No Clutch quick shifter. Add on PCV computer and ignition module. REV Limiters pulled to allow full 7500 rpm in every gear. 166 mph top end. No Clutch quick shifter for lightning fast up shifts above 3000, below it shifts normal. This should be a 10 second bike with the right rider. I have beat Kawi 1000's with this at Irwindale and have Utube vids to back it up. Over 3000 bucks in extras and have the stuff to return it to stock. This bike blows minds and is really fast for an 1800 cc V Twin. But it will putt like a stocker if you want it to.