1981 Jeep CJ-7 – Black

WAYALIFE 1981 Jeep CJ7
Cindy and I bought this 1981 Jeep CJ-7 on June 11, 2002 as a project to restore and eventually make into a daily driver. When I got it, the steering was completely shot, brakes non-existent and virtually every piece of emissions equipment was ripped out from under the hood. In truth, there was a lot more wrong with it than that and for the first couple of months, I had really wondered what the hell I got myself into. I’ll tell you one thing, if you aren’t capable or willing to do 99% of all the work required to bring a vehicle like this back to life, don’t buy one as you’ll go broke in a hurry taking it to a mechanic. However, if you are capable and willing, these are just about the easiest and best vehicles you could hope to work on as the technology is simple and parts readily available everywhere and for cheap!

A ton of skinned knuckls later, a lot of hard work and more money thrown at it than I probably should have, my CJ is finally a daily driver that looks great, drive great and I love it! Sadly, we struggled to get it to pass California smog visual inspection and because of it, ended up selling this awesome Jeep on December 14, 2006. Here is a list of what it had on it at the time.

• 258 I-6 Engine
• Howell TBI
• Redline Motorsport Air Intake System
• T176 Transmission
• Dana300 T-Case
• Dana30/AMC20 w/Trac-Loc Narrow Track Axles
• 4.5″ Spring Lift
• Rubicon Express Monotube Shocks
• Daystar 1″ Body Lift
• MORE Heavy Duty Steering Box Bracket and Brace
• MORE 1/2″ Greasable Shackles
• 35×12.50 BFG M/T KM Tires
• 1″ Trail Sport Unlimited Wheel Spacer (Rear Only)
• LoD Heavy Duty Bumper/Tire-Carrier
• Tech 1 Black Rock Crawler Wheels 15×8 w/2.75-BS
• Trail Sport 1″ Wheel Spacers – Rear Axle
• Rubicon Express Disconnects
• TFI Upgrade
• Rancho 5000 Steering Stablizer
• Factory 20gal Gastank (upgraded)
• 4WD Aluminum Valve Cover
• 4XDoctor Gastank Skid
• Rubicon Express Stainless Steel Extended Brake Lines
• Herculined Tub (sprayed-in)
• Black Bestop Super Top & Doors
• Tuffy Security Console II
• Front Tow Hooks
• 3′ Wilson Antenna
• Cobra CB
• Traditional Bikini Top
• Off-Road Innovations Quick Release Mud Flaps

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