Camp WAYALIFE – Home Sweet Home

I know there have been a few of you who’ve noticed the location listed underneath my avatar has changed and for those of you who are wondering, yes, Cindy and I know now live in Carson City, Nevada. While both of us were born and raised in Southern California and, in so many ways, still love it there, it was time for us to move on. With our son no longer living at home, we simply had too much home for just the two of us and doing business in California was just getting to be too expensive and too much of a pain. As many of you know, we’ve been spending a better part of our summers up in Tahoe for about as long as I can remember and this past summer, it finally occurred to us, why aren’t we living up here? We love the Sierra Nevada Mountains, we love the vast Northern Nevada Desert, we love all the history in the area and of course, who wouldn’t want to live close to the Rubicon?

Well, on a hot August night after helping Off Road Evolution during the Vegas to Reno Best in the Desert Race, Mel looked up into the sky and commented on how he never quite realized just how nice it was in the Carson City area. The next morning, Cindy and I decided to stop by a local grocery store, picked up a Home & Land magazine and as we were driving back to SoCal, started flipping through the pages and found a house listed in it that would eventually become our new home. It was a nice single story small home with a 2-car garage that sat on a little over an acre of land but, what really caught her attention was what was in the back yard. Click on the link to see more photos.

Camp WAYALIFE – Home Sweet Home

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