MOAB – FORK YEAH: a WAYALIFE Epic Trex Adventure – Part 1 / Flat Iron Mesa Jeep Trail

There is a place located in the Southeast corner of Utah and it is know by Jeepers from around the world as being a holy land of off-roading. It is a land of slick rock, big ledges, intimidating climbs and scary off camber obstacles that have you clinging to the edge of cliff faces over a thousand feet up. This place is none other than Moab, the home of the Easter Jeep Safari and where Cindy and I make a pilgrimage to every year with our good friends and to put our Jeeps and ourselves to the test. In this new WAYALIFE Epic Trex Adventure video series, you’ll get to see all the fun we had during a week of wheeling in this amazing place and taking on Jeep trails such as Flat Iron Mesa, Cliffhanger, Poison Spider Mesa, Gold Bar Rim and the Golden Spike.

Part 1 in this multi-part series highlights our rendezvous with our friends in Vegas, our long journey out to Moab and the very first trail we ran once we got there, Flat Iron Mesa. We hope you enjoy our presentation and if you have a moment afterwards, we’d be grateful if you could please let us know what you thought about it. Thank you for watching.

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  1. Eric Kelley says:

    Excited the blog is back!
    Looking to join you guys on the Moab adventure one of these days!

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