Keep the Fuel Flowing

Jeep J2000 with 360 fuel pump

A couple of days ago, I fired up Rusty, our 1972 Jeep J2000 pickup truck with a 360 V8 under the hood and started backing him out of the garage when all of a sudden, Cindy told me to stop. As I would come to find, gas was pouring out from under the engine and leaving a heavy trail of it as I drove. After rolling him back in the garage and giving things a closer look, I found that the gas wasn’t leaking from a fuel line or hose but was actually spraying out of the mechanical fuel pump like a sprinkler. Fortunately for me, this was an easy fix and as luck would have it, something that my local Napa Auto Parts store had in stock. Click on the link below to see a complete write-up that’ll show how to remove and install an AMC 360 fuel pump.

Jeep J2000 Pickup Truck Fuel Pump Installation Write-Up

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