WAYALIFE Fall Mall Crawl 2016

A few months back, Cindy and I were talking to H20JNKY about the possibility of doing some kind of Jeep event here in our town of Carson City, NV. We thought it’d be great to help the local economy and we have tons of fun trails including ones right in town and we were hoping to share them with other Jeepers outside of the area. Before we knew it, we were talking to the Carson City Visitors Bureau and well on our way to reviving an old event that we used to do called, Roktoberfest but then, bureaucracy reared its head and put a screeching halt to everything. Now, it’s not that I’m not understanding of all the committees and boards and their need to regulate the use of our lands but the speed that government tends to work at wasn’t going to make it possible for us to do anything or at least, not this year.

In spite of the event being suspended, a few of our friends had already made reservations to spend the weekend here and they decided to come up to party anyway. It was fall after all and if nothing else, they could come up to enjoy the changing colors, beautiful weather and good times with good friends. Of course, being that we were now a much smaller group, we could even crawl a couple of trails while they were here. Needless to say, our big Roktoberfest event ended up becoming a small Fall Mall Crawl get together and all was good in the world. Click on the link below to see a few pics from the fun we had with our friends, I hope you enjoy.

WAYALIFE Fall Mall Crawl 2016

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