JL JOURNAL : Mounting a 37″ Spare Tire on a JL Wrangler Tailgate

Now that we’re running a set of 37×13.50 Cooper STT Pros mounted on KMC XD231 beadlock wheels on JET Li, our brand new Jeep JL Wrangler Rubicon Unlimited, we’ve had a lot of people ask us how we planned on carrying a full size spare. Of course, being that the JL is so new, there really aren’t a whole lot of options available or at least, not as of yet and while we were hoping to install a Mopar tailgate reinforcement kit, they were on back order and so we were forced to start looking at different solutions.

One of the biggest problem we were facing was the lack of space there is between the 33″ factory spare tire and the top of the rear bumper. With a 37″ tire, we would need about 2″ space between the two and all we had to work with was about 3/4″. Fortunately, we were able to address this problem with the help of an LoD Offroad JL Wrangler Destroyer Riser/Spacer bracket and that not only help us to raise our spare tire enough to clear the bumper, it also helped to accommodate its 13.50 width. Another problem we faced was how to extend the rubber isolators so that that they would still press firmly against the sidewall of the spare. This is critical to do as it helps mitigate jiggling of the spare as that’s ultimately what causes damage to the tailgate. Fortunately, a set of hockey pucks is all we needed to take care this and in this episode of the JL JOURNAL, you’ll find out how.

• (2) JK Spare Tire Isolators
• (2 or 4) Hockey Pucks
• (2) 1/2″ Well Nuts
• (2) 10-24 x 3″ Machine Screws or 4″ Bolts if stacking 2 pucks
• (4) 10-24 Washers
• 5/16″ Drill Bit
• 1″ Spade Bit
• Utility Knife
• Phillips Screw Driver
• Drill

New JK Wrangler spare tire rubber isolators can be purchased here:

Affordable hockey pucks can be purchased here:

Please note that this modification will only allow you to carry a 37″ spare on your JL Wrangler tailgate. It will NOT prevent damage caused from the spare catching on a ledge or large obstacle while off-roading. Measures should be taken to prevent that from happening. Please let me know if you have any questions.

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