MOAB – IT STARTS AGAIN : Part 3 – Behind the Rocks & Top of the World

After getting our Jeeps cleaned up a bit, we decided to spend Et and Michelle’s last day in Moab running a trail that Cindy and I love and as we would come to find, is one that our friends have yet to run, Behind the Rocks. Of course, being that our JL Wrangler was so new and that this would be a first for them, we decided to run the trail without hitting all the biggest obstacles or as some like to call it, a Tip-Toe Behind the Rocks. Down to just 2 Jeeps, we decided to change things up a bit and spent the following day doing a long but easy and scenic run across Lockhart Basin and finally, we spent Tony and Steph’s last day with us, out on a trail with a view that can only be found, on Top of the World. We hope you enjoy our presentation.

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