OUT with the OLD and IN with the NEW : MOBY’s NEW Synergy Gas Tank Skid

Synergy Gas Tank Skid Plate for Moby

As sacrilegious as this may sound even to me, Cindy and I finally swapped out Moby’s factory skid plate and for a complete, aftermarket replacement one made by Synergy. After over 11 years of abuse at the mall, the gas tank apparently got pushed up enough that the main fuel line became squeezed in between it and the bottom of the tub. Being that the gas tank is mounted to the frame, movement between it and the tub eventually wore a hole in the nylon line. Of course, it took Moby having a real hard time starting followed by the pungent smell of gas to realize this but I suppose, that was a better way to find out than to do so after he was in flames.

To be fair, I initially wanted to just replace his original factory skid with another OE skid and I was even going to replace his gas tank, sending unit and all the fuel lines just because. At least, the idea was that if I was going to do all this work, I might as well install all new stuff that would last at least another 10 years. Well, that was the thought anyway. As I would come to find, all this stuff has either been discontinued or on indefinite back order. So, I started looking into repairing the “not repairable” nylon fuel line and while I was able to come up with a solution for that, I still wanted to replace the skid with something new or at the very least, something that would actually bolt up back up again. And, after doing a bit of searching, I found that Synergy made heavy duty gas tank skid plate and unlike most everything else out there, it was one that completely replaced the factory skid. Needless to say, that’s what I ended up getting. Click on the link below to see pics that show you the before, during and after of it all.

OUT with the OLD and IN with the NEW : MOBY’s NEW Synergy Gas Tank Skid

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