JL-EXPERIENCE : REUNION – 1st Annual Nitto JLX | PART 3 – From the Hualapai Mountains to Sedona

After licking our wounds from from our epic 2nd day on the 2018 Nitto JL-Experience presented by KMC, Mel decided to give us a break from the rocks and took us out on an overland expedition across the desert and mountains of Arizona. Along the way, we would get to explore a historic mining camp, wheel across an amazing piece of private property, go on a short hike to see some ancient petroglyphs and then wrap our day turning a few wrenches, out in a parking lot. Again, being that we were not attending the JLX as official videographers, we were not able to get the footage we would have preferred but hope that you’ll be able to still enjoy this 3rd episode of REUNION, for what it is. Thank you for watching.

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