BARE ESSENTIALS : Trying on a Little Something Smaller for Size

Years ago, Cindy and I saw a concept Jeep at SEMA that truly inspired us. During a time when bigger, bolder and gaudier was becoming the rage, this Jeep was stripped down of ever frill and setup with just what was needed and nothing more. Since that time, we’ve mimicked what we saw on Moby and Rubicat or at least for a time and now, we thought it was JET’s turn. Clearly, this is far from being something that most can appreciate or hell, maybe something most would flat out hate but for us, this is a look that we’ve always love. Down and dirty and just the bare essentials.




You can install this minimalist front bumper on your JL Wrangler by Buying the following parts:

WARN Winch Plate

EVO D-Ring Mounts

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3 Responses

  1. Todd Hurt says:

    I LOVE IT! I noticed the update that you guys made to the front bumper on your latest videos and was wondering if I missed the one that covered this mod . You’ve inspired me to do the same with my JL as well. You two rock! You have taught me so much about my new Jeep and being a first time Jeep owner I have needed your guidance. Thank you and keep up the fantastic work you do. You have a large following here in central Florida.

  2. Greenrubi says:

    Awesome!!! I’ve been trying to search exactly like this, is there a way to have the same setup for the jk?

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