BUST – Part 3 : The California Emigrant Trail / Crossing the Great Divide

With the Great Platte River Road behind us, we made our way up into the Rockies and to the point where the east and west are truly divided. I am of course talking about the Continental Divide or what many emigrants referred to as, the Great Divide. It would be on this length of trail that the once flat and featureless landscape would give way to a much rougher but more scenic one. In this 3rd Episode of BUST, you’ll get to see us visit to the National Historic Trails Interpretive Center in Casper, Wyoming, make a stop over at Red Buttes Crossing and Ryan Hill before climbing our way to the top of Independence Rock and to read the countless names that have been carved into it. You’ll also get to see geological wonders such as Devil’s Gate, Split Rock and the Ice Slough and all before taking a replica of a Mormon hand cart for a pull over at Martin’s Cove. Finally, you’ll get to see us crossing the Great Divide at South Pass and then end our day at the Parting of Ways. We hope you enjoy.

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