BUST – Part 4 : The California Emigrant Trail / I Have Seen the Elephant

The 4th and final episode of our epic overland journey across the California Emigrant Trail begins in the state of Idaho and over at the National Oregon/California Trail Center. It would be here that we’d get to time travel back to the mid 1800’s and experience what it was like to be an emigrant pulling into Clover Creek or what is now known today as, Montpelier. From there, we made our way over to Soda Springs and marveled at the geysers and took a draw from the naturally carbonated waters gushing from its many springs. After making a stop over at Register rock, we worked our way to the City of Rocks and setup camp for the night. The follow day, we made our way briefly into Utah, crossed into Nevada and worked our way out to places like Stony Point, Iron point before and even made a stop at a Transcontinental Airway Beacon before our trek to the west came to an end.

A very special thanks to our good friends Tony, Stephanie, Tina, Carl, Toni, Et, Joe, Don, Lori, Ray, Kevin, Tom, Susan, Ken and Doug for joining us on this epic adventure! We love you guys

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