Long Overdue Maintenance for MOBY + MORE = PREP for the JKX Part 1

Being that Cindy and I will be attending the final Nitto JK-Experience presented by KMC Wheels, we decided it might be a good idea to take Moby down to Off Road Evolution and to have his coilovers and bypass shocks serviced. If time permitted, we were also hoping to have a little custom work done as well and specifically, to stretch his rear end by about 2″. According to Mel, this would allow us to get rid of our rear bump stop extensions as that would provide us with a LOT more up travel – about 4″ more! In other words, we would be able to hit much big bumps and at significantly higher speeds.

Now, what we weren’t expecting from our visit was to find just how much wear and tear we’ve put on our Jeep JK Wrangler over the last 12 years and worse, how much we’ve been neglecting or at least, in terms of maintenance. In this short video, you’ll get to see and learn a bit about coilovers, bypass shocks and what goes into getting them serviced and you’ll even get to see some of the work we had done on Moby to get him ready for the JKX. We hope you enjoy.

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