WAYALIFE Whiskey Wanderlust – A Celebration of FREEDOM

Of the over 70 million acres of land that make up the State of Nevada, almost 50 million of it is all public land. That’s almost 70% of the entire state! Out here, ghost towns literally outnumber populated ones and more than a few of them still have at least one business still in operation – a saloon! A few years back and at the suggestion of our good friend Jim, Cindy and I decided to start doing runs out here, ones that took us from ghost town to ghost town, all on dirt or at least, as much as possible anyway and with the specific purpose of imbibing in these watering holes of old. We call them, WHISKEY WANDERLUSTS and in this video, you’ll get to see highlights from one of the very first ones we did and on a 4th of July weekend. We hope you enjoy seeing all the fun we had with our friends and celebrating our freedoms!

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