JKX 2020 – Axle Alley Florence Junction / PART 3

Our 3rd Day on the Nitto Dirt Experience presented by KMC Wheels would lead us out of New Mexico and take us into Arizona. After buying firewood and other well needed supplies, we made our way out to and area known as Florence Junction, one of our favorite places to wheel in the state! After setting up camp, Mel took us out on an easy sunset run to explore some of the canyons and mines in the area but of course, what we ended up doing was taking on the crazy big rocks and ledges out on trails like Axle Alley. For those of you who’ve never wheeled out there, your winch is your friend and I think it’s safe to say that everyone put theirs to the test. Fortunately, everyone had a WARN! We hope you enjoy watching the awesome adventure we had that went well into the night.

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