First Time on the Rubicon with Our Gladiator


Last week, Cindy and I got a last minute invite from our good friends Mel and Lisa and it was to run the Rubicon. Apparently, their long time friends Jarod and Lapai had never run the trail before and so they were going to show them what it was all about. Fortunately for us, we were home for the weekend and so we jumped on the opportunity! Certainly, we’d be meaning to take our Gladiator out on the trail since last year and were super eager to test him out. Now, I should note that we were planning on making this trip into a video but unfortunately, decided to give up on it about half way through the first day. The obscene amount of rigs we encountered, the constant push to get going whenever we got a chance and all the waiting we had to do thanks to the endless traffic jams, just made it way too hard to stay motivated. Or at least, to still have a good time and enjoy the company of our friends. Needless to say, click on the link below to see the few pics we managed to take from the trip.

First Time on the Rubicon with Our Gladiator

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