Off-Road Basics in a Bone Stock 2-Door Jeep

People new to Jeeps and or to off roading in general have been asking Cindy and I to make a video highlighting the some of the basics, tips and tricks that every newbie should know and for quite some time now. And, I have to say that we’ve been reluctant to do so if only because we know that we’re not professionals or experts in anything and understand full well that the way we choose to do things isn’t necessarily the right way, the best way or the only way. With that said, we finally got a chance to take Pippi, our bone stock, Jeep JL Wrangler 2-door Sport and with a stick, out on the Last Chance Canyon Trail and to play on terrain that’s a bit more technical. And, while we were there, we decided to use the opportunity to share some of the things that we’ve learned over the years and use for ourselves and with the hopes that it might be helpful to some of you as well. We hope you enjoy.

EVO Air Down Tool:
JL Air Compressor Mount:

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