Jeep Gladiator Dynomax Quite Crawler Exhaust System Install

As much as Cindy and I love how our Jeep JT Gladiator looks with the tail end trimmed, the muffler or technically, 2nd resonator it exposed, was just ugly as sin. Needless to say, it had to go and while we may have been able to just cut it off, we were concerned about how the factory exhaust would sound and or drone without it. And, it’s for this reason that we decided to install a Dynomax Quite Crawler System. Essentially, it’s the exhaust system that Dynomax has been making for the 3.6L engine for years and it’s one that we’ve run in the past and loved. In addition to sounding good to our ears, we’ve always loved the fact that it comes with a low profile bullet resonator, high clearance Super Turbo muffler and of course, a muffler delete. In this video, you’ll get to see just how easy it is to install and as an added bonus, there’s an extra tip in there as well. We hope you find our video to be useful.

Dynomax Quite Crawler System :
IFOKA Black Exhaust Tip :
13mm Socket :
Milwaukee M12 Ratchet :
Milwaukee M18 3/8″ Impact :

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