Starting a New Year of Wheeling Right – 2022 WAYALIFE Kick Off Run

There really is no better way to kick off a new year of wheeling than to do it in a Jeep, out on the trail and of course, with all of your friends. Certainly, that’s what Cindy and I have been doing on the first weekend of every January and for well over 20 years now. As always, the Mojave Desert is where we like to go for this and for 2022, we decided to play out in the hills of Bullhead, Arizona. Starting from Off Road Evolution, the shop side of EVO Manufacturing, we headed east, played on obstacles like Blind Man’s Bluff, stopped for lunch in the historic town of Oatman, descended into the depths of the Tyro Mine and then finished up our day crossing over the Black Mountains at night.

A BIG THANKS goes out to our good friend Mel and Harley Wade from EVO for allowing us to meet at their shop, leading us on some amazing trails and for helping to make this day as epic as it was.

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