A Timeless Good Time – The Swamp Lake Trail

One of our favorite places in California to go camping and wheel is up in the Sierra Nevada Mountains and close to the town of Shaver Lake. And, while the area is best known for the Dusy Ershim, there are in fact a ton of other great trails and one of the more technical ones, is known as Swamp Lake. Now, I should note that this is in fact a trip that we filmed about 10 years ago and for reasons that completely elude us, we never made a video of it or at least, not until now. Obviously, you won’t be seeing any Jeep JL Wranglers or JT Gladiators but we hope that you’ll stick around to watch it anyway, if only because, it’s still a great story, filled with lots of fun wheeling and let’s be honest, good times out on the trail are always timeless.

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