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1974 Jeep CJ5 Renegade


The Modest Side of JANE

Ever since we got Jane from back from paint, reassembled and up and running again, Cindy and I have been enjoying driving her around, everywhere we can and of course, totally topless. Unfortunately, with...


Keeping it Cool

Jane is for the most part complete but there are still a few this and that’s that I’ve been meaning to install to help make her whole again. For one, I’ve been meaning to...


One Step Closer to Completion

It’s been an unusually tough winter for us and with all the snow we’ve been getting, it’s been hard to find the motivation to get out in the garage and work on our old...


Back to Work on Jane

It’d been too long since we last worked on Jane and it was nice to finally find some time to get back at it. Small as it may be, the first thing we did...


Gauges Lit Up!

Old Jeep CJ-5’s only came with 3 gauges and 3 illuminated indicator on the dash for the lights, windshield wipers and hazard switches. A few CJ-5’s did come with an optional tachometer on the...


First Snow for Calamity Jane

We probably should have done this a few days back when there was a lot more of the white stuff on the ground but we thought, better late than never and decided to take...