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1972 Jeep J2000 Pick-Up Truck – White/Blue


OH Christmas TREE – OH Christmas JEEP…

I know the trend these days is to start Christmas shopping well before Halloween but Cindy and I are old school and we refuse to even think about the holiday until after Thanksgiving. Of...


Sunset on Old Iron

Our old iron, Emma, Pappy and Rusty at Camp Wayalife. #ThrowbackThursday Click the link and post up your throwback pics: Full Size Photo


Keep the Fuel Flowing

A couple of days ago, I fired up Rusty, our 1972 Jeep J2000 pickup truck with a 360 V8 under the hood and started backing him out of the garage when all of a...


One of those Days

LOL – had a rough day yesterday. Been trying to solve a vapor locking issue we’ve been having with Emma and thought I was able to get it by installing a new sending unit...


It’s all in the ohms

As luck would have it, the old steel gas tank came out without much fuss and I was able to spend some time cleaning up the fuel lines going to and from the new...


Before there were Stickers

From what I was told from the previous owner of our 1972 Jeep J2000 pickup truck, it had been in a minor fender bender and as a result, the badges on the passenger side...