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    Hello all.

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    Wines of the Week

    Decent cab franc
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    Hello from Washington state

    Welcome to WAL
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    WAYALIFE on the GO : Miscellaneous Photos from Cindy & Eddie!

    Many more to come!!!! Enjoy your time together👍👍
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    Watcha cookin'?

    My favorite Pizza joint Extra, extra pepperoni
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    Suds of the Day

    Very nice hard cider
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    Watcha cookin'?

    Next time I make it I’ll use some cherry wine
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    Watcha cookin'?

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    Watcha cookin'?

    Progress pictures
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    Watcha cookin'?

    Some garnish for the ribs
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    Desert Storm...

    Love it
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    Random (non-Jeep) Shit You’re Working On....

    It is been a better part of the last year since I started but I am renovating our new condo. My contractor is good but there are things I just have to do myself
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    Long Arms (and Coilovers)

    It will never get old😂😂😂
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    Watcha cookin'?

    Braised short ribs!!!!
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