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    The build of my flag ship Black Pearl

    Heading down to Johnson Valley tomorrow then over to apple Valley for a couple days.
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    Random Photos

    Seen this at a local body shop today. Looks like it’ll be a fun truck.
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    The build of my flag ship Black Pearl

    I have tiny king coilovers for the 1/10 scale. Might be a little bit before I put shock hoops inside the full size 🤣
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    The build of my flag ship Black Pearl

    I started building a tiny replica of the Jeep. Still need some of the small detail items, but it’s coming along nicely.
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    What's your view like at work?

    This was most of my day. Almost 7 hours of driving, round trip. For an hour of work. It’s super smoky up by Redding.
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    Hello from middle Tennessee!

    Welcome to WAYALIFE
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    Show your Knives!

    I was going off past experience and the name. I’ve always had great luck with Gerber. I’ve had my multi tool for 25 years and it’s still going strong. We’ll see what happens.
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    Show your Knives!

    I’ll look into one of those! Thanks for the recommendation! They are super useful when they are made right. It’s almost like this blade wasn’t hardened and tempered. I’m going to see if they will do anything about it also.
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    Gruff TJ?

    That’s awesome! Nice find.
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    Hey Everyone!! Here from Northwest Louisiana

    Welcome to WAYALIFE
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    Show your Knives!

    What’s up guys, it’s been a minute. I just picked up this gerber machete yesterday, in hopes of replacing my old no name one. I’m very disappointed in the quality. I mainly use them to limb tree branches around the property and preparing to chip. I was cutting 1/4-3/4 oak limbs this afternoon...
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    Brake Fluid keeps becoming low in Master Cylinder

    Is the Jeep an automatic or manual? The clutch system shares with the break reservoir on JKs. Just another place to look if it’s a manual.
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    Fishing Jeepers...Post Up Your Pics

    Did a little fishing the past week. Unfortunately not much catching! edit: I should pay more attention, this isn’t the fishing thread.
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    👋 from Queen Creek, AZ

    Welcome to WAYALIFE
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    Happy Father's Day

    Happy Father’s Day
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