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    New here.... HI!!!! *WAVE*

    Welcome to wayalife. Can't go wrong with the Gladiator.
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    1st Jeep Wave from a 1st time Jeep owner - 2012 JK

    Jeep wave from Georgia, welcome to wayalife.
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    Gladiator Squeek in the rear

    I had the same problem in the front on my 2021 JT Mojave. Turned out to be a shock, they replaced it under warranty last week. I would let them check it out while it is under warranty.
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    Hello from NY

    Welcome to WAL from Georgia
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    Hi from Portugal

    Welcome from Georgia
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    37s on a stock Mojave?

    Does the spare fit in the factory location?
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    First time Jeep owner!

    Welcome from Georgia!!
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    Switch pod question

    Okay, that makes sense about the headlights. I will double check my installation. Thanks for posting the vid. This is looks just like my unit, except that mine mounds on the dash instead of overhead. Thanks for the help.
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    Switch pod question

    I thought about using the headlight circuit. This way the controller buttons will illuminate when my lights are on in the truck. I know that would mean turning my headlights on to use my accessories, what do you think?
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    Switch pod question

    I think I installed it correctly because it does power up when you start the truck from inside the cab. I guess I could remove the trigger wire and let it have constant power, I just didn't want to forget about it one day and drain my battery. The cigarette lighter does still work after...
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    Switch pod question

    I haven't had a chance to experiment with another circuit yet, but I'm wondering if I can find a work around by using a different one. It isn't really a major problem, because I really only remote start the vehicle on cool mornings, I just find it strange that the rest of the circuit stays...
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    Switch pod question

    I only installed it this past weekend so im not real familiar with its operation. When I first installed it, I hit the button on the switch controller to power it up, then I turned the truck off and restarted to see if the controller would remember its last state and repower itself with the...
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    Switch pod question

    yes. The cigar lighter has power after the remote start but i cannot switch the controller. I can shut the truck off and restart using the button inside and it powers up fine.
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    Switch pod question

    I recently installed a new Voswitch jl200 in my 2020 JT. It was a pretty straight forward installation, but I ran into one small problem with connecting it to ACC power. I used the add-a-fuse link that was supplied with the kit and installed it in the F52 (cigar lighter) fuse which worked fine...
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    Jeep wave from Baltimore area

    I used to live in Essex Maryland for 16 years, now i'm a Georgia boy. Welcome to wayalife.
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