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    Central PA

    Welcome from SE Pa!
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    Where did your Jeep take You this Week?

    Sorry...not on this trip. Didn't want to be bothered with camera.
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    Where did your Jeep take You this Week?

    Rausch Creek this past Saturday. All the rain had severely changed many trails from what the guys who've been there tell me.
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    2021 JLUR plan on upgrading to 37in tires, questions

    IMO everything but the axles is the limiting factor. I've been running 37's on JLUR hard for 2 years now. D44 is strong if you don't drive like an asshole. My rear is stock and the front I put in RCV's and eliminated the FAD. I also eliminated the shit ball joints and aluminum knuckles...
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    The BEST Internet Expert Advice I've Been Given

    Best way to just avoid the conflict...
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    Definitely reach out to ResurectionJK. I met him in Moab last year after posting on here myself. Great guy and knows his way around Moab.
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    Front diff skid

    You are right...looks very beefy, no u bolt and yes pricey. States on their site that it does not fit with Spicer cover because of fins. Figures...that is the one I have:cautious:
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    Front diff skid

    Primarily the drain bolt. The Rancho does protect the cover as well. It is very beefy. It is that U bolt that I don't like.
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    LOVE IT or HATE IT? JEEP's New Slogan - “Zero Emission Freedom” it won't. Our infrastructure cannot handle it for one. Copper will be depleted long before that for second. And I could go on but have better things to do.
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    LOVE IT or HATE IT? JEEP's New Slogan - “Zero Emission Freedom”

    Hmmm...more power on the grid...still shit electrical infrastructure...more forest fires. You don't here the Green people talking about this.:unsure:
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    Front diff skid

    I will heed the advice on RC. Thanks for heads up.
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    Front diff skid

    I have a stronger one already. But I would rather nothing hit the cover at all.
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    Front diff skid

    Could anyone share some feedback on front diff skids OTHER than the Rancho? Don't get me wrong...the Rancho more than paid for itself. My only problem with it is the U-bolt set up they use. I was always concerned about it and had posted questions regarding it months ago. If the front get's...
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    Just driving down the trail

    Silver Much more aggressive than red.
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    More ads than usual

    Yea it sucks. I wasn't sure if Wayalife had anything to do it or not and I didn't want to complain. This is why I don't watch regular TV, the commercials kill me.
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