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    Roger's Evolutions - 2012 2-Door JK

    Maybe focus on driving skills so you don't need to turn your Jeep into a heavy tank which can barely move? The armor only goes so far!
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    Where did your Jeep take You this Week?

    Figure of speech. Many hundreds of hiking and camping trips starting when I was just a baby.
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    Where did your Jeep take You this Week?

    Gotta love Anza Borrego! Was almost a second home for me for first 21 years of my life.
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    Colorado Native, 1st Jeep

    Welcome from Texas. Surprise your wife with the small upgrades.
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    1985 CJ-8 Scrambler Restoration

    Yes. It was a joke but I like it anyway. 😃
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    1985 CJ-8 Scrambler Restoration

    Nice head unit in that dash!
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    Random Photos

    Is you evacuation delayed for some reason? Is it delayed since you can not afford to buy the gas required to evacuate?
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    Random Photos

    Given that your truck is in the shop you should be getting richer since you are not buying gas.
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    What did you name your Jeep?

    I am not yet smart enough to come up with a name for my Jeep. Maybe when it has more interesting/memorable experience I will be smart enough.
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    Stinger bar for Jeep rubi with a front rail cam

    Nothing makes me happier than a warm winch. 😃
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    Hello new owner 2015 Jeep Wrangler Willy’s edition

    Welcome from Dallas, Texas.
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    Overland = Car Camping

    The "Overlanding" thing seems to have originated from Australia. The key thing should be that it involves a multi-day (preferably at least 3 nights) trip primarily driving on unimproved dirt roads or where there is no road at all. Since "Overlanding" has become a fad in the US, it is often...
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    Lift or Bumper First

    When was the last time you ran into something? Even with a strong bumper, there would likely be damage. You don't even need a real bumper to mount a winch. So focus on things which assure your safe return first. Sometimes you do things alone because there is no one else available or you prefer...
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    AEV 5.7L radiator

    Maybe there is some structural issue with your Jeep (flexing) which is tearing the radiators up?
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    The BEST "I HATE WAYALIFE" YouTube Video Comments

    The solution is mandatory birth control. Windmills and solar cells destroy the natural environment that we love!
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