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    Build of my 2018 JK Wrangler

    Looking like a hell of a build ! Cannot wait to see suspension set up.
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    Synthetic Winch Line

    My Jeep is garage kept and only driven on weekends but it is getting to be over 6 years old. I guess probably start looking into a replacement before long.
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    Synthetic Winch Line

    So, When do you replace your synthetic winch line ? Do you wait for it to break ? or is there a timeframe they should be replaced ? Was just looking at the Warn Spydura line to replace in kind but also looked at the new Yankum Rope winch line that has no metal ring on the end. What are you...
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    Rubicon trail summer of 2022

    Sounds like a great trip ! Been thinking about it also but its 2,029 miles one way to the trail head for me :sick:
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    Hydro Willys Newbie Build

    I have had great luck so far, No issues with the anything. I know it is not invisible so I use proper skinny pedal when wheeling but I will try most trails at least once :)
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    Looking at UD44 axle

    I am currently running a UD44 with 37's. I ended up finding the UD44 for an unbelievabe price of $2899 and shipped for free. I went with the Eaton Locker and 4:88 gears. Been running for over a year now and no complaints. We drove from Illinois to Moab this past summer and wheeled and drove...
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    Hydro Willys Newbie Build

    Just added CavFab 1.5 ton drag link flip steering. Love the quality and could not beat it for the price.
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    What was done to your rig this week?

    Installed my new CavFab 1.5 ton steering drag link flip and really like it.
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    How to treat rust??

    Living here in the rust belt I feel your pain!! I had a guy turn me onto DupliColor Caliper Paint. Does a great job covering and very little overspray. I usually touch it up once a year but keeps my frame and axles looking new.
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    Rear brakes or something worse?

    Definitely looks very dry in there
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    Any body ever hear of CAVFAB

    Ordered their JK flip steering kit, Small business but when I called the person I spoke with was very helpful and knowledgeable.
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    Trail gps navigation

    Living in the Midwest where everything is private property or closed. I will spend several days checking trails and roads using Gaia and Google Earth trying to come up with a good day or weekend of exploring. I envy everyone out west that have so much area to explore.
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    Trail gps navigation

    Gaia premium is worth it if you do any national forest trails since you can overlay the MVUM and gives you the information on the trails.
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    PSC Big Bore XD2

    Looking at doing the same upgrade soon. Does the stock pump have any issues running the swepco fluid ?
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    Back in a jeep..building a mojave jt.

    Very Nice! The Mojave is a nice platform to start with.
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