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  • Hey there DA-RUNT..... yea it went off right away lol forgot to hook up the sensor....:doh: Jeep's going good went on a Jeep Jamboree last year with my son and going on 2 this yr one with daughter the other with my son again. Hope to see you soon back home, be safe and thanks for all you do for us back here.
    Hey Runt, just installed my Banks CAI and my engine light is on... Any ideas? is it because of the new amount of air coming in, and also do you have any idea of how to get it to turn off?
    sounds good,and thanks for the info. Hope to be trailing with ya guys next yr.
    You won't regret it, I have a borla exhaust also and the combo sounds really good to me. We lived in Puyallup before and are looking to move back next year. If you know some good trails maybe we can tag along if we make the move.
    Cool, that is my next little mod, and glad to see someone running it on here. Thanks for the input...

    Love the Banks, gives it a nice throaty sound and I can feel a bit more torque. Makes it even more fun to drive. Cool, be up there ina year
    Hey I noticed you have the Banks intake on there. I'm going the same route, just wondering what your take is on it? If you do come up this way I'll supply the beverages since you have the corckscrew and bottle opener taken care of :thumb:
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