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    Project ACCUAIR

    That thing's badass
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    WAYALIFE on the GO : Miscellaneous Photos from Cindy & Eddie!

    Oh shoot I missed this! Happy birthday Cindy! Hope you guys had a good one!
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    New From Long Island

    Welcome from SoCal! Definitely wanna see those lights when you get them installed 👍
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    Wave from Georgia

    Welcome to Wayalife!
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    New Member

    Welcome from SoCal!
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    The BEST "I HATE WAYALIFE" YouTube Video Comments

    Hell I'm 19 - bought my Jeep myself, built it up myself, and it can do just about anything I've thrown at it so far. Not to toot my own horn or anything but... Grown ass men are out here bitching? It's no one else's fault you aren't where you want to be.
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    Hi everyone

    Awesome! Welcome to Wayalife from SoCal! We'd love to see the Jeep 👍
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    2-door JL with RK 2.5" lift - feels bumpy. How to diagnose?

    What he said ^^^ I'd never get a dual or triple rate coil period, especially if you daily drive your Jeep. Those Fox 2.0s are on the stiffer side (or so I hear) and the best thing you could do is get a different spring and softer shock.
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    Another suspension question.

    Happy to hear this, planning on getting the adjustable 9000s next after I blow my 5000s on my next trip through the desert 😂
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    Another suspension question.

    Running Rancho here too. Didn't feel the need to go big on the shock budget just yet, super happy I did so. Ride quality (while 100% subjective) is close to stock if not better even with my 2.5" Lift and 35s. Definitely plush. I'd run them time and time again until I go the adjustable route just...
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    A Dirt Head's JK

    Thanks Tim! Remind me I owe you some $$$ when I see you next 🤣
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    Jeep kids

    Awesome shots! Feel bad for the Lego dude who lodged his Bel Air into those boulders... Lol, I've got that same Lego JL Rubicon on my desk 😂
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    VIDEO : ACCUAIR Air Suspension System Questions Answered

    Awesome answers to good questions! Happy to see coverage on this again and am looking forward to more. It was cool to see it in person as well, definitely intriguing it's all bolt on too. Seemed to lift and lower quick, definitely a high quality system. Eager to see it off road next 👍
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    VEGAS Area Suds-n-Grub : Thursday, Jan 26th @ 6pm

    You mean desert? Haha can't wait 😎
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    VEGAS Area Suds-n-Grub : Thursday, Jan 26th @ 6pm

    Sounds like fun! Little bit of a drive for me just for dinner lol, but I hope all who attend have a great time! Expecting pictures 😎
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