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    Jeep wave

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    Voodoo "Made in the USA"?

    Or what are the odds that the package was made in the US?🤯
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    Welcome to the Wayalife!
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    Hi there off road enthusiasts!!

    Welcome to Wayalife! Sorry to hear about the loss of a great friend. I say go Jeep. There’s also a motorcycle thread on here somewhere.
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    A Dirt Head's JK

    Looks great! Always love seeing 2-doors!
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    Slow Build of Tortuga

    Thank you! It’ll get us where we want to go for sure! 🤙🏼
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    Updated pic problems

    Sounds a lot like my house… then I hear this as I walk away. Wife: I swear you break stuff just so you can go out in the garage and work on your Jeep.
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    Slow Build of Tortuga

    Thank you!
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    3.6 Passenger Side Oil Leak?

    No oil in the intake valley.
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    Random Internet Shit you've come across

    I agree, the new 632 is an impressive engine. But at the same time, that ‘inhaler’ sounds freaking sweet when it’s wound up!
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    3.6 Passenger Side Oil Leak?

    Couldn’t really get good pictures, but from there all the way back as far as I could see, it was dry.
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    3.6 Passenger Side Oil Leak?

    I’ve been intermittently smelling a small whiff of burning oil for about 3 months now. It’s weird, I went on a 1,400 mile round trip and never smelled it. But if I drive across town I’ll smell it occasionally. Finally decided to climb underneath it to day and here is what I found First...
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    Slow Build of Tortuga

    Got the ARB single installed with the Evo mount.
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    Hello everybody

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