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    Back to black

    Can you use it on the interior and/or a soft top?
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    Hello again

    Been away from the site for a little while, bunch of life stuff some good (granddaughter) some not so good (brain tumor). seems I have missed alot. Website update, no mention of EVO/ORE, Dyntrac that I have seen yet, app doesn't work anymore. I haven't had a chance to go thru the forums yet so...
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    Back to Black

    I used this stuff on my fenders and they look muck better, can it also be used on the interior?
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    Heading Through the High Rock - A Northern Nevada Adventure

    Like others I too have missed these trips. Thanks for posting it.
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    POLL : What Size Tire are You Running on Your Jeep?

    35’s , 18 -20 psi off road.
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    Locker switches

    I seem to remember there was a way to make the Rubicon lockers work without being in 4Lo and independently of each other. I do not have a Rubicon but I do have lockers in both axles (yes I know). The dealership I bought it from installed them and I believe they wired them like the Rubicon. They...
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    Back to black

    I use the Mcguires version on my fenders, door handles, and rear bumper. I’m curious if it can be used on the interior? Sent from my iPhone using WAYALIFE mobile app
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    2014 4dr JK driver door mirror rattle.

    The mirror on my driver side door rattles while I’m driving, when I close the door, even when sitting at idle. The mount is tight, as is the housing. The mirror itself is what rattles. What I would like to know is how to take it apart to find what is loose. Anybody know how or could point me to...
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    2014 Jk won’t start

    Drove once this morning, got home. Went back out about 1/2 hour later. It will start and run for maybe 3 seconds then dies. Any ideas? Sent from my iPad using WAYALIFE
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    New tires

    Thinking of getting new tires the end of May or beginning of June. Probably Cooper or Nitto, not sure which to get, daily driver so need good road manners and not loud on road but I want good off road performance too. Sticking with 35’s this time. Sent from my iPad using WAYALIFE
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    Side shot Saturday !

    sunny day at home and a wet day on Drummond Island. Sent from my iPad using WAYALIFE
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    Show off your guitars

    Found these under the tree at my daughters house Christmas morning. Sent from my iPad using WAYALIFE
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    SPOTTED: Any 4X4 other than a Jeep JK/JL Wrangler

    Passed by this several times before I stopped to get a pic. This place usually has something cool parked in the front. Also seen a Chevy 396 Super Sport and a Nomad Wagon, all very clean. Didn’t have really good sunlight angle. Sent from my iPhone using WAYALIFE mobile app
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    TJ items for sale

    1 safari top with window frame header and 1 duster/tonneau cover. Came off my 99 TJ. $100 for all 3 pieces. Willing to ship, you pay for it. Sent from my iPad using WAYALIFE
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