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    WAYALIFE on the GO : Miscellaneous Photos from Cindy & Eddie!

    I was thinking what Brute said. I also believe their is a “usage” clause. Dont quote me on the exact name. But essentially if you can provide proof of usage, you don’t need an actual TM to claim rights. I’d have to think with all your previous sites and vids, you’d have plenty of usage examples...
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    Random (non-Jeep) Shit You’re Working On....

    Life is finally getting back to normal-ish. (Except for work still kicking my ass). Spent today building huge ass steal props for my sons high school field show. Also took a crack at welding for the first time ever. Actually had a little fun and didn’t complete fuck up the welds. I’ll get more...
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    Wines of the Week

    Been a long time since I’ve posted. My wine game is still going strong. Since today is National Red Wine Day, decide to go with a little twist. Red honey wine. Certainly more on dessert/port side of things if you’ve never had mead. This one was mixed with currants and blueberries.
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    It's been a while...

    Welcome back, but did you ever really go away. 😎
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    THROWBACK THURSDAY - Show Us Pics of Your Jeep Back in the Day!

    Almost a full year now since I sold my 2012 JK rubicon. I don’t miss the jeep as I have my JL, but I do miss having a built up rig. Hopefully soon my JL will evolve just as my JK did.
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    Anyone LOVING LIFE? AKA - the 2021 L!FE IS GOOD AGAIN Thread

    Aloha Ed! We just got back from Maui. Nothing quite like it. 🤙
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    38X12.50R17 NITTO Ridge Grapplers

    I’m really interested to see what you think of these when playing in your backyard. You’ve tested every other Nitto as well as other brands and I’d trust your real world experience than just a review of tread style and appearance.
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    Mystery Leak on JL Wrangler with Manual Transmission

    That sucks. Certainly not the way to start new ownership. Even if it is something minor. Which hopefully it is.
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    VIDEO : DIY DOOR HANGER - Easy to make and all for about $16

    One of the better DIY designs I’ve seen! 😎👍
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    FULL DISCLOSURE : YES - I do get "FREE" Stuff...

    I’m a hater, but you already knew this. lol.
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    The PIPPI Project

    Love it. I keep thinking I’m going to build up my JL. I’ve even gone as far as having parts in my cart. But honestly, these JLs are something awesome stock. Been able to take myself and family out on many trails and destinations. With life being crazy the last year and a few before that, it’s...
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    VIDEO : So... What did We Buy?

    How cool is that. Digging the red 2-dr. 👍Congrats. Maybe my stock 4-dr can hit a trail with ya sooner than later. 😉😎
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    Wines of the Week

    Last night for national wine day. Or as I’ve been calling it, Tuesdays.
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    BEAM ME UP SCOTTY - Havin a Time on the ET Highway

    Cheers! Of all the places we’ve traveled together, not sure I’ve ever been on this road. Seems a new adventure awaits.
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    VIDEO : Where in the Hell Have We Been?

    What “wayalife” is really all about. Certainly none of this. Amy and I miss you guys and know we’ll be here if you and Cindy ever need anything.
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