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    The BEST Internet Expert Advice I've Been Given

    ^^^Bingo^^^ I hate this PC shit. I actually work with a gay guy who couldn't care less about a gay joke or innuendo because that gives him the green light to send his back. Only thing is he's not joking and it makes most wish they had never said anything...haha. If only more people could just...
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    You're Doing It Wrong

    Yeah I agree. I meant to add destruction of private property. Either way seems a lot of the cops hands are tied these days.
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    My 4x4 rigs and my long awaited return to Wrangler

    Actually looking at my order form it appears to be a 21. I don't think there really is a while lot different.
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    My 4x4 rigs and my long awaited return to Wrangler

    Also a short list and the first two were work vehicles. 2007 JKR (Work vehicle) 2008 JKUR (Work vehicle) 2012 JKUR 2022 JLUR (Ordered)
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    You're Doing It Wrong

    So after reading that article I had to do some digging. The news outlet is a conservative publication so it took what was actually passed and spun it. I can't seem to find any law which says rioting is legal. The new police reform laws limit what police can to to disperse crowds in certain...
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    Random Internet Shit you've come across

    This C&D article came across my Google feed just now. I really want to see how this is going go work. Car and Driver: CA Bans Gas Powered Lawn Equipment
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    Movies Worth Watching

    Haha. I bought a Michael Meyers life-size cardboard cutout for Halloween this year. I put it in my upstairs window and have have a strobe on it. It looks lifelike...haH
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    The BEST Internet Expert Advice I've Been Given

    Devil's advocate here. Maybe what he was saying was lost in translation and that he was trying to say people shouldn't waste their money on "mall crawler" mods but just upgrade their tires and go wheel their jeeps even if stock. Idk..haha.
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    You're Doing It Wrong

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    1980 CJ7 Daily Build

    Found it. It was 73 and older in the 90's. AB 42 exempted vehicles manufactured before 1974 from smog check testing. Also required that vehicles 30 years old or older be exempt from the Smog Check program starting in 2004. AB 42 established a brief rolling chassis exemption until it was...
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    Random Photos

    Some how my local Costco has let it at 3.85 for the last several weeks. Meanwhile it's anywhere from 4.15 to 4.85 other places
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    Show your Knives!

    And the bad guys know this but are heavily armed themselves.
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    Music - What are you listening to?

    Probably the Limp Bizkit version because it's gayer.
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    Show your Knives!

    I initially read that he got it "for chicago" not "in chicago"...haha
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    Coffee Drinkers & Bean Grinders

    No I don't. One of my coworkers does though.
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