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    Lift Concerns/Questions

    VIDEO : JL JOURNAL - Dynatrac EnduroSport 2" Lift Kit INSTALLATION Check out the above video. My understanding is the JL does not require as much lift as the JK did to fit larger tires and...
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    POLL : What Size Tire are You Running on Your Jeep?

    37 KM3’s with no bead lock wheel. Coyote deflators bring them down to 15 PSI. ARB dual compressor brings them back up.
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    BFG Km3

    I run the BFG KM3 in 37 and have no complaints. I have heard the sidewalls may be their weak spot but have not had any issues yet. They run about a 1/2 smaller than most 37’s. Not really a big deal. As with any Jeep mod we always think what’s next. My next set of tires will probably be...
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    Axle options for 37s

    I have a JKU sport and went with the Dynatrac Trail Leader Package. ProRock 44 up front and new axle shafts for the rear, both with ARB Locker. Went with 4:88 gears as I drive it everyday. 37 inch tires and the combo has not let me down. We have all thrown good money away on bad parts and...
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    JEEP MEMES - Let's see em!!

    There is something wrong with me. I can only think why is she not split down the middle. Yah I know.
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    38X12.50R17 NITTO Ridge Grapplers

    Hell. I need new tires now.
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    Kmc Crawls with some coopa loops

    Wtf. The wheels looks great by themselves, now new level. Looks perfect, simply perfect. Nothing more to say. Great job.
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    What did Brown Santa show up with today..

    I need more money.
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    Hello from Southern California

    Welcome aboard from Santa Clarita Ca
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    Dealers rarely send stuff back to the manufacture. It really is just to costly. Individual dealers simply throw the parts in the trash away once the manufacture agrees it’s a defect for replacement. I really have now idea how to make them into half doors. I can remember somebody on the site...
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    The dealer probably will trash the old doors. Ask if you can have them and make half doors out of them.
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    Best roll cage?

    Hands down the genright cage. B pillar delete and half doors. Just like that thousands gone. one of my many Jeep dreams.
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    Where to start?

    Exactly what MericaMade said. Next advice. Go out and enjoy what a Jeep gives you. Freedom to go out Anywhere you want. I can’t explain it, but money just flys out of the wallet as you chase your upgrade wants. They never end. Everybody on this site has great advice and all of us have...
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    Multiple Cylinder Misfire - Code P0300

    My code popped back up pretty quick after reset. Within a few miles. I hate chasing codes. Good luck.
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    Multiple Cylinder Misfire - Code P0300

    Mine had the same code around 60,000 miles. Cleared it and it kept coming back. Turned out to be a bad injector. Only happened at idle and was really not noticeable except the code being displayed. Had the injector replaced and had the shop do the plugs and new manifold gaskets. Runs...
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