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    Synergy hi mount stabilizer

    Been looking at the Synergy hi mount steering stabilizer relocation kit. Is this the same as a drag link flip or not? I'm slightly confused...
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    Rubicon 10-A bumper

    Does anyone know if a Warn Powerplant 9.5 winch will fit a stock 10A front bumper?
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    Gearing for 2012 up models

    Who's running 37s on the pentastar engine? If so, what gears with them?
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    Bump stops

    I've heard from a few fellow jeepers that 3 inch bump stops ride really rough with 2.5 inches of lift. Anybody have experience with this?
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    High steer kits

    I've been looking at the AEV high steer kit recently and have a few questions. Is it the same as a drag link flip? Do you have to run at least a 3 inch lift for it to be done?
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    Ready lift suspension

    Has anyone heard good thing about them?
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    HID projectors

    Does anyone run these headlights? How do they compare to Jw speaker or truck lite?
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    35s on a leveling kit

    Will it work? With trimmed fenders that is lol, anyone running this setup?
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    Evo spec coilovers

    I was wondering if the king coilovers from Evo will work with a Dana 30 front axle, anyone running it with that setup?
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    Braking advice

    I want some tips on brakes, as I'll be going to 37s soon and want to have the added stopping power
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    HID headlights

    Been looking at Xenons HID conversion kit for headlights. Considering doing the 8000K, I like the icy blue color. Any thoughts or comparisons to led headlights?
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    35 on stock tire carrier

    Just wondered if a 35 inch tire would be too much strain on the factory tire carrier or if it would hold up a while
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    Wheels and tires

    I'm looking at getting a 17 by 10 wheel with 35/12.50 tires. Are the wheels too wide or will it work?
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    Truck lite vs jw speaker

    I know truck lites are so much cheaper than JW speaker 8700 led headlights, but I was wondering if they're both just as good as far as light output, minimal glare, install etc.
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    No lift with 40s!!

    Just found this online, and I'm not sure it's real... Stock JK with 40s, no lift and flat flares. Thoughts??
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