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    MOPAR SEMA 2021 Concept Vehicles

    Totally love the M725. Takes me down memory lane. Not cool though when they showed up.
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    2021 SEMA Beltech White Ford Bronco

    I like the Bro Truck more. Just Kidding!!
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    2021 SEMA APB Bikini Jeep JL Wrangler

    I guess if you like this genre of Wranglers this one has appeal. Me, not so much. I've seen a couple like this on the street, but never on the trail.
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    Anyone LOVING LIFE? AKA - the 2021 L!FE IS GOOD AGAIN Thread

    It's been great here in Colorado the last few months but to piss in everybody's Wheaties, I recently saw an internet headline from the Denver Pot (Post) stating we're gonna mask up again and deal with mandates. Local merchants, mostly the watering holes I frequent, are a little bit freaked out...
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    VIDEO : Where in the Hell Have We Been?

    Really glad to learn things are beginning to return to normal again. You did the right thing at the right time. May God bless you both and walk with you during the rest of this journey.
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    Fuck your Jeep wave WAYALIFE. You guys are dicks.

    Is this sign in your front yard, Boomdick? I thought so!
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    Ever feel like wandering into the woods and not looking back

    We built a log sided home with about 1700 sq. ft. We wanted full logs but that was too pricey, way too pricey. I truly hope you're able to do it.
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    Ever feel like wandering into the woods and not looking back

    Got a bug up my ass in 2008 to leave the city behind and find a semi-remote piece of land to live on 'til I just can't do it anymore. Living in the mountains, heating with wood, having a well and septic is way more challenging to a geezer like me but I had to do it. I didn't want to be on my...
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    Lawsuit Forces Seasonal Road/Trail Closures in Pike-San Isabel National Forest

    The closure dates do seem more than a little out of sync with mating and birthing seasons for deer and elk. Mule deer birthing season tends to be in full swing around Evergreen in June. There's way more to worry about from coyotes, bears, the occasional bobcat, mountain lions and domestic dogs...
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    ^^^^^this. I bought '64 Tuxedo Park Mark IV off the showroom floor after high school graduation with milk money made working at a carwash. A little over $3,500 out the door including a White Automotive soft top. Even the "three on the tree" shift lever was chrome. I loved it so much I bought...
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    Staying for (3) days in Sedona! Questions...

    Great time to wheel in Sedona. I think you have the good trails for moderate challenges. Broken arrow is probably the best. It offers easy to difficult depending upon which lines you choose. The Devil's Staircase is a challenge. Most folks run the trail so they go down it. If you're...
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    PLEASE - DO NOT Post Up GPS Coordinates or Trail Directions on WAYALIFE

    Those of us who live and wheel in the State of Colorado have seen our precious ghost towns and history vandalized and burned by uninformed idiots. Nature will eventually reclaim these places and they will become only sites. We were wheeling near Ouray last week when we decided to take a short...
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    WIN a JK SPORT CAGE from Rock Hard 4x4!!

    I was thinking about getting back into wheeling again when I stumbled onto Part 1 of the 2011 Colorado JKX on Youtube. My 2012 JKUR is the result. Engineer Pass, San Juan Mtns. near Ouray, Co, elevation 12,800ft.
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    Post your old iron

    I've posted pics of this 'ol '48 hot rod before. I miss her like an old girlfriend. The '69 high compression 350 and M-22 rock crusher tranny from a Corvette moved it along the highway pretty well. The '73 Warn 25% overdrive coupled to 5.38 gears and a Dana 44 rear held the power and never...
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