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    Lift upgrade

    I went from AEV to MetaCloak and felt it was a change for the better. After a few years I went to a different coil, synergy, not evo and liked it even more. having rode on both AEV and MetalCloak I’d say do the plush rides if you have it narrowed down to those 2.
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    Anyone self quarantined? AKA - the 2020 SH!T SHOW

    I still have at least 3 years of toilet paper… I’m a planner.
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    JKUR stock trac bar in the rear with 3.5 lift

    They are the metal cloak durospring. I asked about them here a while back.
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    JKUR stock trac bar in the rear with 3.5 lift

    I used the synergy brackets and can get some pics tonight. Had them welded on instead of bolted too.
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    JKUR stock trac bar in the rear with 3.5 lift

    I am running a raised trackbar bracket front and rear to keep the stock bars on mine. I had this setup when I was at 3.5 lift as well as now at 4.5. Still works good for me.
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    Vengeance, part III

    Love that Jeep! Glad to see it around more.
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    AEV 2.5 vs Quadratec

    I had the AEV 2.5 on my JKU first and thought it was nice. This was my first lifted vehicle of any kind though so no comparison at the time. I really had no complaints about it and only changed it to go up to 3.5 and 37s. All my driving was on pavement for the life of the AEV lift. No real idea...
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    Metal cloak Durospring

    Has anyone used their durospring bumps? Just curious on some feedback and opinions. Guessing since I couldn’t find any posts on them here that’s not a good sign.
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    ProGrips & Outboard Shock

    i was about to order the progrips but was told having my front shocks outboard will cause interference. Does anyone have information on this by chance? I have a pr44 and used the synergy shock mounts to stop them from hitting the frame. Any information you guys can provide would be helpful.
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    EVO Plush Rides/Rockstar Skids and Fox Shock Question

    Does anyone use the fox 4-6 shocks with compression adjusters with the 4” plush ride coils and evo rockstar skids? If so do you have any unseating issues? The extended length is about half an inch longer than the king 2.5s it looks like per the interwebs. I already have the fox shocks so I...
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    Dynatrac trail 60 and rear track bars

    Hello, I recently put in a trail 60 and noticed the bracket on it is at stock height. I was using a raised track bar bracket and the stock track bar before. It was suggested to get an adjustable rear track bar and I have one ordered, but wouldn't raising the bracket be a better option? What are...
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    FS - 5 - Goodyear Duratracs 315/70r17 - 20k miles

    I'm looking to sell my set of Duratracs. They have no plugs or patches. I won't ship them and live in davenport ia. Asking 800. The spare was rotated in to all tire rotations.
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    FS - Davenport, IA - Stock Items

    Location: Davenport, IA Items: front and rear stock bumpers & stock side steps Price: make an offer At this time I'm not willing to ship, but that may change if needed. Thanks!
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    Homemade Roof Rack With Trektop NX

    So I wanted to make a roof rack instead of buy one for a crazy amount and I didn't really like how any mounted. I'm going to attempt to use the Trektop NX all winter and maybe sell the hardtop next year. I forgot to take pics when I first started, but the following is what I did. So with this...
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